Permanent Makeup
by Sarah Smith

Long lasting, natural permanent makeup

Permanent Makeup offers lasting results for effortlessly beautiful brows, eyes and lips. Save yourself time and money and look your very best every single day!

Permanent make up, also known as micro pigmentation or cosmetic tattooing, is a method of inserting small amounts of pigment into the dermal layer of the skin in order to enhance your features. It lasts 2 or more years, depending on your skin type and lifestyle and provides a long term solution for people with sparse, over-plucked or uneven brows, or those simply wanting to look their best

This state-of-the art procedure has long been used by models, actors, and entertainers as a means of enhancing their appearance. Beyond the mere aesthetic value, with the savings in time, money, and daily frustration, it is easy to see why permanent cosmetics have been described as the “make-up of the future.”

Permanent makeup typically consists of the skilful application of eyeliner, eyebrow simulation, and lip colour to enhance your natural beauty and can be adapted to be suitable for any age group or skin type.

Tired of sparse, uneven or badly drawn on brows?

Our Award Winning cosmetic artist, Sarah Smith (Permanent Makeup Artist of the Year) will work with you to design your new brows so that you can visualise the shape and shade before any tattooing takes place.

Your design is a true original, created without the use of stencils and designed bespoke, just for you!

Sarah will work with you to decide what design will best suit your skin, face shape and expectations to ensure that you are thrilled with the result. She routinely sees clients from 18 to 80 years old and prides herself on creating skilful, natural enhancements regardless of her clients' expectations. Check out her hundreds of 5 star reviews on Google, Facebook and Trustpilot to see why her clients wouldn't go anywhere else.

Note: whilst we may carefully shape your existing hair, it is not necessary to remove the eyebrow hairs you currently have.

Treatment Length

1.5 to 2.5 Hours
treatment dependant

Recovery Time

Immediate but up to 14 days for healing


Available if required

Best Results

2 Appointments for new treatments

Frequently Asked Questions

We are often asked many questions associated with our services, and the questions listed below form a selection of the most frequently asked. If you have any questions which do not appear in this list, please contact us.

We do our best to ensure that you’re comfortable throughout your treatment and most of our clients report it is actually very relaxing and wonder why they were worried about it!

We use anaesthetic beforehand and during and can top these up if required but as with any treatments where the skin is broken, you might feel more sensitive if you are unwell or during your menstrual cycle (if applicable).

Any tenderness subsides quickly after the treatment and you will be able to work and carry on as normal after the treatment, although it is best to keep the area clean and dry so it heals well.

You are welcome to come back any time you like for a refresh but most of our clients find that their permanent makeup lasts for at least 18 months before it needs a tweak or a top up, for eyeliner and lip treatments this is usually even longer!

The reason permanent makeup fades is because the pigment (ink) we use can be broken down by the body so it will fade over time. How quickly this happens is dependant on a number of factors including skin type and lifestyle so it is different for everyone.

Permanent makeup may seem expensive upfront but the cost is actually surprisingly reasonable compared to the repeated costs of treatments such as hairdressing, lash extensions or aesthetic injectables which need to be redone every few months!

We currently charge £395 for eyebrows, which is split into 3 payments – we take a deposit of £50 upfront to secure your appointment, a payment of £245 on the day of your first appointment and the final payment of £100 at your second appointment which takes place roughly 6-8 weeks after the first.

Eyeliner treatments cost £450, split into 3 payments – we take a deposit of £50 upfront to secure your appointment, a payment of £300 on the day of your first appointment and the final payment of £100 at your second appointment which takes place roughly 6-8 weeks after the first.

Lip treatments cost £450, split into 3 payments – we take a deposit of £50 upfront to secure your appointment, a payment of £300 on the day of your first appointment and the final payment of £100 at your second appointment which takes place roughly 6-8 weeks after the first.

We currently don’t offer any credit or payment plans.

Absolutely! As with any treatment where the skin is broken, there is a risk of infection, but luckily infections are extremely rare. We adhere to the same level of cleanliness that a tattoo studio would follow, so all working surfaces are carefully disinfected prior to treatment, many of our tools are single use and disposed of after each treatment and needles are individually wrapped and sterile. Sarah wears appropriate PPE to carry out treatments and will provide you with aftercare instructions following your treatment to ensure that you are able to minimise any risk of infection away from the clinic.

This is a great question and one we know is important – especially when it comes to your face! Arguably the most important part of your treatment is the design process which takes place first and shows both Sarah and the client what she will be doing before she actually does it.

Sarah is very experienced in knowing what style will work best for her clients but fully understands that everyone has their own preferences so she will work carefully with you to make sure you are going to come away with the desired result. Sarah will predraw the design for you to see before doing the treatment for the first time, so that any tweaks or changes can be made and will explain the whole process to you as she does it so that you know exactly what to expect.

Most permanent makeup treatments fade around 40% after the initial treatment so you need to be prepared that it will look darker initially than the healed result. In most cases she will try to work conservatively for the first treatment, keeping the result lighter and softer so that you have the option to go darker and bolder at your second treatment if you would like to.

To hear what some of Sarah’s previous clients think about the process and result, feel free to check out the 100s of 5* reviews she has been given on Trustpilot, Facebook and Google.

Yes! Sarah has treated every age range from 18 up to 98, men and women and even people with complex medical needs and has worked with each of them to produce the right result. Each treatment is fully bespoke to the client and you will decide, with Sarah, what you’d like to achieve before the treatment takes place. Different styles work better on different skin types or to create a more natural or makeup inspired result, so the treatment will be tailored specifically to you to ensure it meets your needs.

If you have a specific look in mind before the treatment takes place, feel free to bring a picture of the kind of thing you like to your appointment to help with the design process.

We’d always encourage you to check out the work of anyone you trust to treat your face before you make your decision to book and also bear in mind that the cost of treatments reflect the skill and experience of your technician. Sarah has been carrying out permanent makeup treatments for almost a decade and has built a reputation for excellent customer service, skill and perfectionism. Please check out the 100s of 5* reviews she has been given on Trustpilot, Facebook and Google to see why her clients wouldn’t go anywhere else! She has won numerous awards for her incredible work, including Eyebrow Artist of the Year and Aesthetic Clinic of the Year from the English Hair and Beauty Awards.

Price List

Price is dependant on the treatment.

Permanent eyebrows

Available in a choice of natural, powdered, ombre or combination effects. Option available to pay in 3 instalments (£50 at consultation, £225 at first treatment and £100 at retouch)



Swim-proof, shower-proof and gym-proof, permanent eyeliner provides a naturally beautiful look day after day without the time and hassle of frequent applications.


Lower eyeliner

An expertly applied permanent eyeliner gives you a professional make up result that stays put and doesn’t need to be removed every night or carefully ‘matched up’ every morning.


Full lips (lip line and blush or lipstick effect)

A unique permanent makeup lip treatment which achieves beautifully shaped and tinted lips using only a super crisp border and infusion of colour, giving you full, sensual lips 24 hours a day…effortlessly.


Eyebrow retouch

Up to 18 months - £175

Between 18 and 23 months - £225

Between 24 months and 30 months - £275

30+ months = £300 (if additional treatment is require it would be charged at £100)

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We cannot treat you if you are under the age of 18. Please get in touch if you are unsure.

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Sarah Smith

Clinic owner & PMU Artist

Clinic owner Sarah is one of the UK’s most talented and in demand permanent make up artists with almost a decade of experience. She has a number of awards to her name and a reputation for perfectionism. Her friendly approach explains why she comes so highly recommended, and why she has so many loyal, happy clients.

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