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Motus AY system

Our clinic has invested in the highest rated medical grade equipment and are proud to be able to offer our clients treatments with the Motus AY - the world’s first FDA approved Alexandrite and Nd:YAG laser for virtually pain free hair removal treatments on ALL skin types.

The Motus AY system is the perfect choice for both men and women wanting effective pain free Laser hair removal.

Our discreet technicians are experienced in dealing with all types of hair growth and can treat virtually any area on the face or body including (but not limited to):

- Upper lip/ chin/ face
- Navel line/ nipples
- Underarms/ bikini
- Back/ shoulders
- Arms/ legs

See pricelist (at the bottom of the page) for price per area.

Using the Moveo handpiece attached to our Motus AY laser we can deliver concentrated bursts of laser energy to the hair follicles within the target area. The hair follicles absorb the energy as heat which damages the follicle, decreasing its ability to grow back. Please request a treatment guide to find out more about this fantastic treatment, download a pricelist at the bottom of the page and/or use the booking tab to book a consultation.

Treatment Length

30 mins - 2 hrs, treatment dependant

Recovery Time

Nothing to 24 hours


Not required

Best Results

Body usually 6-10 sessions

Face usually 8-12 sessions

Frequently Asked Questions

We are often asked many questions about laser hair removal, here are those most commonly asked. If you have any questions which do not appear in this list, please contact us.

Our pain free Moveo handpiece moves quickly and efficiently across the surface of the skin with the sapphire cooling tip being in constant contact cooling the area during the treatment. It can cause a mild tingling sensation and the treatment area may feel a little warm afterwards, but no discomfort should be felt.

Our standard handpiece feels more like a traditional laser and can be described as feeling like an elastic band snapping on the skin. Whilst that may feel a little uncomfortable we can use our Cryo cooler to help relieve the sensation during treatments if needed.

The cost per session is determined by what area(s) we are treating, a consultation is needed so we can assess the area(s) to treat and quote accordingly. We offer 20% off single Laser hair removal treatments carried out on Fridays and we also offer 20% off of block bookings.

There are a few factors which can affect how many treatments a person may need, some of these include how dark the hair is, how course the hair is, if there are any underlying medical issues to take into consideration and what stage of growth the hairs are in.

Whilst we find most people fall into the treatment brackets below, further treatments may be required for some for optimum results.

Facial hair – usually between 8 – 12 treatments.
Body hair – usually between 6 – 10 treatments.

For facial hair we leave 4 – 6 weeks between treatments.

For body hair we leave 6 – 8 weeks between treatments.

Unfortunately some hair colours can not be treated such as white, grey, red or lighter blonde. This is because these hair colours contain little to no melanin within the follicle, so treatment would not be advised.

We have created an information booklet for anyone who would like to know more, please feel free to contact us and request a copy of this.

Price List

Price is dependant on the area(s) to treat, starting from £45 per treatment. An accurate quote will be given at the consultation.

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1 - Request a treatment guide

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3 - Your appointment

On the day of your consultation, please arrive on time to your appointment.

Please ensure you do not have an active suntan or fake tan, are not taking photosensitive medications and have left some hair in the area to be treated so that we can best assess how to treat you. We cannot treat you if you are pregnant or under the age of 18. Please get in touch if you are unsure.

We look forward to seeing you in clinic!

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